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101 Best Websites - CSS showcase gallery with Flash and Javascript websites portfolio


About 101 Best Websites

What's it all about?

101 Best Websites is a showcase site featuring the best CSS, Flash, xHTML and designed websites across the world. You can vote for the top sites and submit your own and other people's websites to the gallery.

The difference between this site and other CSS, Flash, design and other gallery sites is the continually updating chart of the top 101 sites in each category. Currently each area is different every time you visit as visitors rate and rank the sites they like and don't like. Eventually we're aiming to create personal areas that you can build and manage based on your own ratings of sites.

CSS gallery

The main focus of 101 Best Websites has been showcasing CSS sites, this was our initial aim and since launch in 2008 we have had over 2000 submissions from around the world. We now have one of the top CSS inspiration sites on the internet. Our traffic is growing continuously and the latest updates to the site has seen some big improvements in the gallery list and search functions.

Future plans include personal galleries in user profiles, widgets to allow voting on external websites, facebook and mobile apps...

CSS gallery

Flash gallery

The number of Flash sites showcased has been growing and we're trying our hardest to get more on here. There are a lot of great Flash designers out there and we'd love them to see 101 Best Websites as the foremost gallery to showcase their work and designs.

One of our future release ideas will be to allow individuals to create their own list of websites, possibly showcasing just their own sites with an area of the site dedicated to them!

Flash gallery

Javascript sites

When we were building the site we realised that Ajax and DOM scripting was becoming more and more important to the top websites on the internet - and its popularity is still growing. Although showcasing these sites is something new, we thought we'd try and see what was out there.

Since launch we've realised that most modern sites use a combination of Ajax, xHTML and CSS to bring their designs to life - just as we do on 101 Best Websites, but occasionally we see something that really deserves it's place in the gallery.

Javascript sites

Our other 101 sites...

Since launching 101 Best Websites we realised that there are a lot of things we'd like to rate, rank and vote on. So we started work on a few other gallery and showcase sites:

Contact us

If you have any questions please contact us.

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