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Bees seem to like it…

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

Continually viewing and moderating as many new websites as I do every day you start to see trends in design quite quickly – if not a lot earlier than most people. We all remember the “web 2.0” trend of 2006/2007 and not so long ago there was a definite move towards white, clean with big bold fonts… Now, things seem to have moved to yellow!

Always considered a very difficult colour to display on a monitor it seems that designers out there are geting bored with the blues and greys and want to experiment and try something new. And it certainly makes a site stand out!

I’m not sure about full screen yellow though, that’s still a strain on the eyes but sometimes it works…

Over the last few days we’ve had more yellow submissions than I can remember ever having, I’m trying to separate them out a bit when I authorise them but it’s proving hard – so…. what do you think? Is yellow a viable web colour? Is it still too tricky to get right?

Getting the menu design right

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

One of my favourite design blogs Smashing Magazine has just published an article showcasing well designed tabbed navigation and it’s got me thinking about the navigation on 101 Best Websites. We’ve had quite a lot of interest about the simple navigation but I wonder if it could be improved… I’m talking about the links through to categories and topics, not the main site menu.

When I first designed the layout I was thinking of only having 3 or 4 topics under the main categories but as we developed the site further I realised that this was going to increase – and now we’re looking at adding a few more topics in there.

What would be your ideal categories? Do we need the DOM/AJAX tab or should we concentrate on more Design led site list?

For the topics we took our lead from sites such as Digg and Reddit but maybe we need to look a little bit more at the sites we get regularly submitted and concentrate on the best of design: portfolios, design agencies, development companies etc.

I still don’t think a traditonal tabbed menu would work in that space, it would distract from the site list too much and wouldn’t allow much flexibility. As we get working on the site more over the next few weeks there may be a few changes appearing, let me know your thoughts!

Showcase of well designed tabbed navigation – from Smashing Magazine

Our current number 1

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

With a rating of 4.3/5 and an impressive 38 votes, has jumped to the top of our list and looks set to stay there for the next few days at least.

Now, we weren’t entirely sure what the site was all about so we thought it would be worth taking a look:

It’s simple. Moms and dads have their own sites. There’s like a galaxy of them. And sure, they’re packed with great information, but we just don’t feel at home there. It feels like we’re trespassing or something. is for us. Sure, Aunties who are also Moms are more than welcome. This club is inclusive of all women who love kids and want the very best for them.

For a site that’s only been running a few months it’s certainly got a busy community and lots of media exposure, sadly with us both being uncles I’m not sure we’re entirely welcome! But there are plenty of ideas for days out, activities and other articles on child care and advice.

From a technical point of view, there isn’t too much to criticise either – although I am quite surprised that the H1 tag only contains the word “logo”! Perhaps some more focus on the html/css and accessibility? 🙂

Help with your packing?

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

This site submitted today will help with your packing: compressed t-shirts!

Unfortunately, when you finish your holiday, you’ll have to throw them all away, they won’t fit in your bag anymore!

Click here to have a look at tee compressed’s site details

CSS fights!

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

We had a very interesting submission today, site fighting at its best!

When entering the site you’re presented with two web site to pick from and a “I like this” under each with a natty smiley face to go with it when you hover over it.

Click here to view our CSS fights page and SEO report

Have fun fighting!

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