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HTML5 – demos and tutorials

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

It’s the new big thing in the world of HTML and CSS – HTML5 is here. Sort of.

Although it’s not yet fully supported across all browsers and the spec is still in discussion, the basics are now known and developers areound the world are starting to embrace the new HTML standard. If you’re unsure of what the differences are and how it will affect you as a designer and front end developer, take a look at our new 101 Best site:

We’re trying to get together a gallery of the best HTML5 sites including demos and tutorial sites to help you get started producing your own HTML5 website.

Let us know what you think, and start submitting your own sites to the list!

Getting over 1000 visitors in one day…

Monday, July 20th, 2009

Just 12 months after we launched 101 Best Websites we’re getting close to 1000 visitors a day, which we’re pretty excited about! Last Tuesday we got 952 unique visitors and even with the weekend drop in traffic (only 500 visitors a day) we still managed over 5000 visitors for the week.

So, we’re looking for a big push this week, more visitors, more submissions and more high quality websites to add to the showcase. Over the last week or two we’ve seen more submissions than ever and we’ve been more selective about what we’re adding to the directory.

If you’d like to help us grow why not bookmark your favourite site design? Or link to it from Twitter or Facebook or your own blog?

We have some big plans over the coming weeks for a new site launch and major improvements of 101 Best Websites including: better site submission, profile pages, voting and comments. So any help to get more people reading and voting on the site is only going to make it better for everyone…

Any ideas to help us reach our target are appreciated!


The 101 Best Websites team.

Comments , bookmarks and Twitter

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

Although we only approve good quality websites we know that a lot of people like to submit to CSS showcase sites and Flash portfolios to gain a bit of traffic and links from search engines. It’s a great idea and often, if you get onto the homepage of one of the popular showcase sites you can have a new site indexed in a matter of days. We’ve found that our other sites can gain hundreds of visits in a matter of days from CSS galleries.

Why not take this further and add a comment to your submission? Our simple comments system allows you to add more about your site, tell people why it’s good, why they should vote for your site and why it should be number 1. Those comments are readable by search engines so a good discussion can turn a single page with a description about your site into a page full of keywords and links back to your site.

On 101 Best Websites we also have a simple bookmarking widget to allow you to add your site page to various social networks and bookmarking sites. It doesn’t take long to gain momnetum and push a simple submission of a great site into a campaign to promote not only your design but also your site, company or product.

And remember all of our approved submissions get listed on our RSS feed and Twitter page:

We now have over 1500 Twitter followers who get notified of every new release on 101 Best Websites!

My site hasn’t been added to the list

Saturday, June 27th, 2009

We get quite a lot of submissions to 101 Best Websites and we go through every single one to make sure that our showcase only contains the highest quality sites.

For CSS sites we check the code: Is it standards compliant? Are there errors? Are there any unnecessary tables used for layout? Although we like to see high quality designs, sometimes the best CSS sites have a very simple structure and semantic HTML coding that works best.

With a Flash site it can be more tricky – we have to look at the design: does it feel modern and high-quality? Is the Flash built in a high quality fashion? We want to see smooth animations, new use of images and a functional site.

We try to add sites we feel are up to standard within a couple of days. If your site hasn’t been added to the showcase it might be worth taking a look at how it’s built and seeing if there’s any way to improve the HTML or CSS.

We always like to hear of ways you think that 101 Best Websites can be improved, let us know any ideas you have for the next version!

100,000 visitors reached!

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

Since we launched last year we’ve been very busy on various other projects but have always tried to make sure 101 Best Websites was kept up to date and full of new and inspiring websites. The aim of building the site was to make it one of the premier design showcase sites on the web featuring the best CSS and Flash designs.

And now, just 11 months since we put the site live we have reached a milestone:

Over 100,00 visitors.

Over 500,000 Pageviews.

View a PDF of our stats

Over the last few months we have been developing a newer, faster version of the 101 Best Websites software which we will be releasing as soon as we have a few days spare to test and put live.

We’ll be shouting about it again, maybe another weekender!

Some of the features include:

  • Better voting system
  • Multiple images for each website
  • Improved search
  • Working pagination up to the 101st site
  • Improved registration and user area

Let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see on the site and we will add it to our ever growing list of things to do to the site.

We’re very pleased that so many people like our site and use it regularly, we want to make 101 Best Websites the number one web design showcase site.

New server now working!

Friday, October 17th, 2008

We have now successfully moved over to new hardware which will comfortably deal with our traffic rates.

The site is now back to normal and you can submit sites as before.


The +101 team

Server issues

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

Due to heavy traffic we’ve had to move servers, but made the mistake of ordering a managed server from 1and1!

Unfortunately it’s heavily restricted and doesn’t run MySQL 5.  We’ve managed to adjust all the code to run on MySQL 4, but there are a couple of problems left over which we are working to resolve with the server guys.

For the time being, we are unable to accept any new submissions, please accept our apologies for this and try again tomorrow.



Tracking Chrome (and other browsers)

Friday, September 5th, 2008

SInce the launch of Google Chrome a few days ago there has been a lot of speculation as to whether it’s good enough to compete with Firefox and IE. Now that Analytics has started to recognise Chrome in it’s browser list we can start to see how things are moving.

Of course, for a design showcase site we’re always going to have a slightly skewed view of browser usage compared to more mainstream sites but it’s still fun to check. Since Monday 1st September our percentages are:

  1. Firefox (all versions) – 61.66%
  2. Internet Explorer (all versions) – 20.84%
  3. Safari (all versions) – 10.04%
  4. Chrome – 4.97%
  5. Opera (all versions) – 1.63%
  6. Camino/Konquerer/Mozilla – the rest

For a browser in beta and not fully released Chrome isn’t doing too badly. As I said though, this clearly isn’t a fair result overall – Firefox at over 60%!

In case you’re wondering, those figures are based on just over 1,000 visits and 3,500 pageviews over about 4.5 days.

Hits from every state in the US! (other than WY, MS and DE)

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

Well nearly!  In our first three weeks we’ve had hits from all the states in the US apart from three!

US Map

  1. Wyoming
  2. Mississippi
  3. Delaware

We just need a visit from these three to complete the map!

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