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Getting over 1000 visitors in one day…

Just 12 months after we launched 101 Best Websites we’re getting close to 1000 visitors a day, which we’re pretty excited about! Last Tuesday we got 952 unique visitors and even with the weekend drop in traffic (only 500 visitors a day) we still managed over 5000 visitors for the week.

So, we’re looking for a big push this week, more visitors, more submissions and more high quality websites to add to the showcase. Over the last week or two we’ve seen more submissions than ever and we’ve been more selective about what we’re adding to the directory.

If you’d like to help us grow why not bookmark your favourite site design? Or link to it from Twitter or Facebook or your own blog?

We have some big plans over the coming weeks for a new site launch and major improvements of 101 Best Websites including: better site submission, profile pages, voting and comments. So any help to get more people reading and voting on the site is only going to make it better for everyone…

Any ideas to help us reach our target are appreciated!


The 101 Best Websites team.

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2 Responses to “Getting over 1000 visitors in one day…”

  1. The Colo(u)r of the Sun Says:

    It’s encouraging to hear that it took a bit of time to reach those numbers. My modest Farside-like blog is starting off slow but I think that, with quality, comes traffic. Fingers crossed to hit the 1000 mark (in a year)!

  2. The Dude Says:

    I only just breached the 500 mark, so have a bit of a way to go yet!!

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