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Six months since launch – new ideas needed!

Can you believe we’ve had this site up and running for six months now? We can’t! Six months of 101 Best Websites. We’ve been so busy working on other projects and just popping on here to approve submissions and check everything is going ok that the time has just flown past.

And there’s still stuff we haven’t managed to cram in – so much for our “Build a web app in 48 hours”, this is turning into the longest 48 hours ever. But, we have some time coming up in the next couple of months that we’re going to dedicate to fixing a few issues and adding some features to this site:

  • Getting the comments/SEO reports/rankings styled up a bit better
  • Getting the rankings to work!
  • Sorting out the pagination
  • Only allowing 101 sites in each category to appear (the original purpose of the site)

We’re also planning to get a few other ideas for improvements and that’s where we need some help… What would you improve or add to the site? Or even off the site: a facebook app or iPhone app to add/vote for sites. Would you like to see a little gadget to add to your site to show off your position on 101 Best Websites?

Any and all ideas welcome.

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