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Server issues

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

Due to heavy traffic we’ve had to move servers, but made the mistake of ordering a managed server from 1and1!

Unfortunately it’s heavily restricted and doesn’t run MySQL 5.  We’ve managed to adjust all the code to run on MySQL 4, but there are a couple of problems left over which we are working to resolve with the server guys.

For the time being, we are unable to accept any new submissions, please accept our apologies for this and try again tomorrow.




Monday, October 13th, 2008

After several emails and comments from our users, we have developed a comments module so you can now add your comments to each site we feature!

You’ll need to be logged in to leave a comment, but once registered you can leave comments on any of our growing +101 family sites.

Keep them clean!

One US State to go! – (Mississippi)

Saturday, September 27th, 2008

Looking back through the stats over the last month and following on from my blog the other week about hitting every state in the US, we’ve got one last one to go!!!  Come on Mississippi!


US Map, Delaware.

US Map, Mississippi.

Let’s see if we can fill in that last blank with MS 🙂

Rank numbering

Saturday, September 20th, 2008

After a lull in development over the last few weeks (we’ve been a bit busy with other stuff!), we added in the essential ranking that people have been asking for.  

Now you can see the rank of the sites where ever you are.  Number one in each category/topic has pride of place at the top of the page with a nice big image and then each subsequent entry has it’s ranking displayed under the box on the left.

After just six weeks our traffic and interest in the site has soared!  We’re really pleased with the results so far and thanks to everyone for the positive feedback.  

We’ve now attained an alexa rank of 126,908 and a three month average of 187,796.  The site’s been creeping in and out of the top 100,000 for a few weeks which is really great, but as we all know, alexa ranking isn’t that exact.

Our traffic is increasing exponentially too, around 200 absolute unique visits and 1000 page views a day.

Keep submitting those sites!

Alexa rank under 100,000!

Monday, August 25th, 2008

One month in and we’ve managed to creep up in Alexa to around 80,000!

alexa rank

alexa rank

Not bad for a new site! Lots of people are now voting and submitting and we are getting very good reactions around the internet.

Alexa ranking may not mean much, but still, it’s nice to see!

CSS fights!

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

We had a very interesting submission today, site fighting at its best!

When entering the site you’re presented with two web site to pick from and a “I like this” under each with a natty smiley face to go with it when you hover over it.

Click here to view our CSS fights page and SEO report

Have fun fighting!

Follow us on Twitter!

Sunday, August 17th, 2008

We’ve initated a twitter feed to make it easier for you to see new updates and blog entries.

Find us here on twitter:

We’ve made lots more changes to the site this week, but I’ll write a new post about this when we’ve polished off the last few changes.

It’s all down to fine tuning now, although we would like to put in a comments function soon so you can let people know what you think of their sites (with a profanity filter obviously 🙂 )

So come and follow us on Twitter!

101 Best Websites voting completed

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

You, or anyone else for that matter, can now vote on +101!

It’s AJAX so the page doesn’t need to reload and when the votes go up to a decent amount we’ll sort each page in ranking order so you can see the most relevant, inspiring sites you wish.

With tags, categories, topics and search facilities you can find the sites that are relevant to you and get the ideas you need.  Additionally, you can promote your site and get extra traffic when people are browsing.

Use your site link to create interest and get extra votes, see if you can get yourself to the top of the list for your list of 101 Best Websites!

Get a free SEO report!

Monday, August 11th, 2008

After you’ve submitted your site to 101 Best Websites, you’ll be able to check how good its Search Engine Optimization is!

Click here to see an example

This is constantly updated, so if you do find problems with your site, you can change it and recheck.  We’ll be adding more SEO features as time goes by, so keep checking back.

In the last few days we’ve also added tag viewing:

Click here to see sites tagged with “blog”

And put the basic search function in which you can use from any part of the site.

Hope you’re enjoying the site, any comments or feedback greatly apprecated, either contact us or leave some comments on our blog articles.

We’ll be working on the voting solution over the coming weeks and we’ll be able to launch the site out of beta!

Pagination complete

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

Since our weekend of hard work we’ve got a long list of improvements to make with the site now live which we are slowly filtering through.

The first of which is getting the pagination sorted so you can browse through the 101 best websites for each category and topic.

The pagination is now complete and we’ll be putting in more and more improvements as time goes by, the next will be using tags to create lists of 101 for each one and of course the all important voting system, which is about half complete!

Take a look through our growing libraries of sites; we’ve already had a great response and lots of people are submitting their sites into the system, why don’t you do the same and get a jump on everyone else before we start getting lots more submissions!

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