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New sites and new targets

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

It’s been a few weeks since my last post – and since then we’ve been regularly getting over 1,000 visitors. Our visitor numbers have jumped considerably – growing on average 25% month on month. And you may have noticed the recent increase in approved submissions, we’re getting more and we’re trying to keep the quality high of everything we approve. The next target is 1,500 visitors a day 🙂 and we’re aiming for that by end of October!

The big news though is our growing list of 101 Best sites! As I’ve mentioned we’ve been working hard on a new bit of code and we’ve finally got it to a stage for us to use as the main backend system for the 101 Best sites.

Our new sites are:

Although 101 Best Android Apps isn’t strictly new we’ve managed to transfer over the users and send out emails to everyone to let them mknow the new features. Why not check them out and see what’s coming to 101 Best Websites. We’re hoping to start the mammoth job of transferring the sites and users next week for a relaunch the following week once everything has been tested and checked.

Although the design will stay pretty much the same it’s the new backend system that gives us more flexibility and the ability to add new features faster then ever before. There are a few nice touches though:

  1. Submissions can now include up to 4 images.
  2. The voting system has been tweaked to make it fairer.
  3. You can now view the best sites over the last few days, months or all time.
  4. The site list and pagination is better and now shows up to site 101 – is it better to be 1st or 101st?

Future developments will include:

  • The ability to “claim” your site.
  • External widgets to allow voting from your own site.
  • Apps for various sites and mobiles to allow submissions and voting and showing off!

Thank you Ridgeland!

Sunday, October 12th, 2008

Finally we have a hit from every state in the whole of the US, all 52 states.  

We had a hit from Ridgeland on the 7th October 2008 which had filled in the gap.

Next target is all 52 states in a calendar month 🙂  We’ll keep you updated.

In terms of other site development, we’ve nearly finished our comments for each site development.  We should have that running by the end of the week, so please check back for more information soon.

If you have any ideas to make the site work better for you please let us know as we’re keen to make it as user friendly as we can.

Is Plurk the new Twitter?

Sunday, September 14th, 2008


Plurk is a site for everyone, and whilst similar to Twitter, it has a great many more features, including a neat timeline with all the “plurks” in it.

Take a look at ours here:

We’ve created an auto uploader for all our sites when they get approved so you can keep up to date with our site submissions and blog articles; see what you think!

Build a web application in a weekend!

Friday, August 1st, 2008

Welcome to the first 101 Best Web Sites blog entry.

I’m working as part of a small team (2 people) attempting to build an entire web application in a weekend!  I’ll be building the backend systems and database, whilst the other developer will be dealing with the front end XHTML and design work.

My colleague and I run a small web design company ( and had an idea to build a modern web design showcase for some time now.  Being in the internet industry we spend a lot of time looking around CSS showcase sites for inspiration and new ideas, however, the sites in question seem to have stood still whilst other websites have surged forwards with their technology and up to date designs.

Our biggest issue in building this new site has been time!  When ever we try to dedicate any, we end up getting distracted with work for our clients and never quite get stuck in and the idea got shelved.

Solution?  Take a weekend out, turn the phones off, ignore email and dedicate 12 hours a day for both days building an MVC based web application!

We’ll be updating this blog during the weekend starting at 10am tomorrow, so have a look at our progress and view the main site here:

click here to see

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