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What is “Alexa Rank” and how important is it?

Friday, October 24th, 2008

Alexa is an online tool used by many to guage how their website ranks against others on the worldwide web.  To understand how important a page rank is, fistly we need to understand how it works.

Alexa has it’s own toolbar which users install into their browsers, then when people with this toolbar installed visit a site, Alexa can then pick up details of traffic for the site that that browser visits.

There are many issues with this method of data collection, but the primary problem is that not everyone in the world has, or ever will, install the Alexa toolbar.  This leaves the majority of the worldwide demographic site visits un metered.  

So who would install the Alexa toolbar?  Well, people like me, geeks.  Anyone who is involved in the Internet industry will have it installed on their browser to help them work out how the site their looking at or working on is ranked by Alexa.  

My Gran, for example, when she’s shopping online for a new cross stitch kit has no interest in what Alexa has to say about the sites she’s visiting, who Alexa are, what jumpers I actually want to wear on Christmas Day or how to make custard that’s not lumpy.

All the sites my Gran visits, and my parents for that matter, the majority of every major blue chip company in the world with network lock downs on software applications and people with no interest in web development.  Leaving a pretty small demographic.  People like me, and I’m guessing like you because you’re reading this article, and the rest of the internet development community worldwide.

This leaves only one conclusion:  The Alexa Rank of a site is a rough indication of traffic from individuals with an interest in web development, world wide.

My personal opinion is that it’s a great yard stick on most sites and a slightly better yard stick on a site like; a lot of the people visiting this site might well have a good interest and understanding of the web.

Rank numbering

Saturday, September 20th, 2008

After a lull in development over the last few weeks (we’ve been a bit busy with other stuff!), we added in the essential ranking that people have been asking for.  

Now you can see the rank of the sites where ever you are.  Number one in each category/topic has pride of place at the top of the page with a nice big image and then each subsequent entry has it’s ranking displayed under the box on the left.

After just six weeks our traffic and interest in the site has soared!  We’re really pleased with the results so far and thanks to everyone for the positive feedback.  

We’ve now attained an alexa rank of 126,908 and a three month average of 187,796.  The site’s been creeping in and out of the top 100,000 for a few weeks which is really great, but as we all know, alexa ranking isn’t that exact.

Our traffic is increasing exponentially too, around 200 absolute unique visits and 1000 page views a day.

Keep submitting those sites!

Alexa rank under 100,000!

Monday, August 25th, 2008

One month in and we’ve managed to creep up in Alexa to around 80,000!

alexa rank

alexa rank

Not bad for a new site! Lots of people are now voting and submitting and we are getting very good reactions around the internet.

Alexa ranking may not mean much, but still, it’s nice to see!

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