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Updates and 101 Best Twitter Apps

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

We’ve been working hard over the last week trying to get the updated version of 101 Best Websites live but it’s proving trickier than we realised – moving all the entries to the new database and making sure all our registered users are transferred without a hitch. We’ve come across a few problems which are taking longer to solve but once they are sorted out it’s going live and will be quicker, easier to use and generally better. With an improved rating system and submissions process, better comments, better search and an all round improvement in performance.

In other news, we’ve just launched another 101 site – 101 Best Twitter Apps we’ve added nearly 50 apps to the directory already so you can take a look and see how the new 101 Best Websites will work once we’ve moved eveything across. The categories and topics might need a bit of refining on the Twitter Apps site and we’re open to suggestions.

101 Best Twitter Apps is a list of the top Twitter widgets, desktop applications and automatic tools to improve your Twitter experience. It joins our growing group of 101 best application sites. You can find out more about the other 101 best sites here.

We haven’t forgotten our design roots though and are looking at launching another site in the next couple of weeks for showcasing the best in design – from architecture to print and automotive to modern art… Watch this space for more info 🙂

Best Android Applications

Saturday, October 4th, 2008

Now that Google has launched the first Android phone there’s soon going to be a huge range of applications appearing. One of the great features of the Android OS is the open nature of the APIs and the encouragement by Google for users to create their own homebrew apps.

So, we thought we’d give everyone a helping hand when trying to decide which application to download and try next. Watch this space for a new 101 Best Android Apps, coming soon to a browser near you!

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