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My site hasn’t been added to the list

Saturday, June 27th, 2009

We get quite a lot of submissions to 101 Best Websites and we go through every single one to make sure that our showcase only contains the highest quality sites.

For CSS sites we check the code: Is it standards compliant? Are there errors? Are there any unnecessary tables used for layout? Although we like to see high quality designs, sometimes the best CSS sites have a very simple structure and semantic HTML coding that works best.

With a Flash site it can be more tricky – we have to look at the design: does it feel modern and high-quality? Is the Flash built in a high quality fashion? We want to see smooth animations, new use of images and a functional site.

We try to add sites we feel are up to standard within a couple of days. If your site hasn’t been added to the showcase it might be worth taking a look at how it’s built and seeing if there’s any way to improve the HTML or CSS.

We always like to hear of ways you think that 101 Best Websites can be improved, let us know any ideas you have for the next version!

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