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Thank you Ridgeland!

Sunday, October 12th, 2008

Finally we have a hit from every state in the whole of the US, all 52 states.  

We had a hit from Ridgeland on the 7th October 2008 which had filled in the gap.

Next target is all 52 states in a calendar month 🙂  We’ll keep you updated.

In terms of other site development, we’ve nearly finished our comments for each site development.  We should have that running by the end of the week, so please check back for more information soon.

If you have any ideas to make the site work better for you please let us know as we’re keen to make it as user friendly as we can.

CSS fights!

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

We had a very interesting submission today, site fighting at its best!

When entering the site you’re presented with two web site to pick from and a “I like this” under each with a natty smiley face to go with it when you hover over it.

Click here to view our CSS fights page and SEO report

Have fun fighting!

Get a free SEO report!

Monday, August 11th, 2008

After you’ve submitted your site to 101 Best Websites, you’ll be able to check how good its Search Engine Optimization is!

Click here to see an example

This is constantly updated, so if you do find problems with your site, you can change it and recheck.  We’ll be adding more SEO features as time goes by, so keep checking back.

In the last few days we’ve also added tag viewing:

Click here to see sites tagged with “blog”

And put the basic search function in which you can use from any part of the site.

Hope you’re enjoying the site, any comments or feedback greatly apprecated, either contact us or leave some comments on our blog articles.

We’ll be working on the voting solution over the coming weeks and we’ll be able to launch the site out of beta!

Build a website in 48 hours – time up!

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

Well, here’s the end of our attempt to build an entire web application in 48 hours, and we did it (just about!)

Here is what we’ve achieved:

  • Great design (admittedly, already started)
  • W3C valid, STRICT XHTML/CSS templates. Every page validates on (as do all our sites 😉 )
  • User authentication (registration, verification, login, profile, lost password)
  • Submission of sites (including rather natty screen shots from Web Snapr, auto population of title and description from the meta data, etc)
  • Basic display of submitted and approved sites with category and topic flitering and tags for future search capabilities
  • We’ve even managed a contact form and a WordPress Blog (You’re reading it!)

Okay, so what didn’t we manage, there’s quite a list which we’ll be working on over the next few weeks to make sure this is the best site of its kind!

  • Pagination of site results (pretty critical I know!)
  • Search functionality
  • Individual page for each featured web site
  • Voting capabilities – the main point of the site really! We’re still not sure whether this will be reserved for logged in users, or everyone, what do you think?
  • Advanced profile page with lists of your submitted sites and eventually favourite site lists/friends, etc.
  • Public user profiles – see what users have voted for or submitted.
  • Facebook/myspace apps? Not sure how these will look, but everyone’s doing it these days!
  • +101 widgets – eventually we’d like to offer users API interfaces and other stuff in the same vein as Digg.
  • Claim your site – You’d be able to claim a site no matter who’d submitted it with a small bit of verification code in your header.

Quite an amibitious list there I’m sure you’ll agree!

Okay, so we didn’t complete what we set out to, but just about, and in actual fact, we only did 12 hours for two days, so we kinda managed it in 24 hours (except for finishing at 02:30am this morning and running over again tonight 🙂 )

We hope you enjoy the site and put on lots of subissions of your work!

Come and submit your sites!

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

The submission process is now finished!

I’m sure there’ll be issues, but the database seems pretty solid we’ve been running lots of tests, so there shouldn’t be any data loss.

We’re now working on the how to display the data on the site, and then will move onto the voting system, but if you submit your site now you can be one of the first and start getting votes as soon as that part of the system comes up!

We’ve only got 6 hours of our official 48 hours, left.  It’s going to be tight (or a late night! 🙂 )

Build a web application in a weekend!

Friday, August 1st, 2008

Welcome to the first 101 Best Web Sites blog entry.

I’m working as part of a small team (2 people) attempting to build an entire web application in a weekend!  I’ll be building the backend systems and database, whilst the other developer will be dealing with the front end XHTML and design work.

My colleague and I run a small web design company ( and had an idea to build a modern web design showcase for some time now.  Being in the internet industry we spend a lot of time looking around CSS showcase sites for inspiration and new ideas, however, the sites in question seem to have stood still whilst other websites have surged forwards with their technology and up to date designs.

Our biggest issue in building this new site has been time!  When ever we try to dedicate any, we end up getting distracted with work for our clients and never quite get stuck in and the idea got shelved.

Solution?  Take a weekend out, turn the phones off, ignore email and dedicate 12 hours a day for both days building an MVC based web application!

We’ll be updating this blog during the weekend starting at 10am tomorrow, so have a look at our progress and view the main site here:

click here to see

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