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Getting over 1000 visitors in one day…

Monday, July 20th, 2009

Just 12 months after we launched 101 Best Websites we’re getting close to 1000 visitors a day, which we’re pretty excited about! Last Tuesday we got 952 unique visitors and even with the weekend drop in traffic (only 500 visitors a day) we still managed over 5000 visitors for the week.

So, we’re looking for a big push this week, more visitors, more submissions and more high quality websites to add to the showcase. Over the last week or two we’ve seen more submissions than ever and we’ve been more selective about what we’re adding to the directory.

If you’d like to help us grow why not bookmark your favourite site design? Or link to it from Twitter or Facebook or your own blog?

We have some big plans over the coming weeks for a new site launch and major improvements of 101 Best Websites including: better site submission, profile pages, voting and comments. So any help to get more people reading and voting on the site is only going to make it better for everyone…

Any ideas to help us reach our target are appreciated!


The 101 Best Websites team.

Creating a fair voting system

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

Over the last 6 months we’ve learnt a lot about how the voting system works.  We’ve studied the stats, looked at trends, and discovered that there needs to be some changes!

The idea of 101 Best Websites was always to create a fair representation of how good a websites is, based on it’s design, functionality and usability.

Some users would submit their site, we’d authorise it, then invariably they user would come back, vote their site high (understandibly) and then every body else the lowest.  One case in particular, the user voted over 200 sites down over a two hour period!  This pattern then continued with various different IP addresses for a few weeks.

The other issue we’ve encountered is Spam Bots.  I’m not sure how they work, but they manage to spoof a different ip address and create unfair statistics.

Using all this information, we’ve managed to upgrade the voting system to create a new, fairier reflection of users votes.  It will take a few weeks before the old votes are outdated (we feel it would be unfair to remove old votes), but you should start noticing some differences very soon.  With at least 2,500 page impressions a day now, we have the traffic to get things sorted 🙂

We would love to tell you how it works in detail, but then this might offer the people out their trying to fool the system a way to do just that, again.  Basically though, if your voting average is very low for a period of time, your votes won’t be registered.

Happy voting 🙂

Go and vote for us!

Friday, August 15th, 2008

I found this page on squido earlier:

See if you can do us a favour and vote for us!  If not, just do some voting on our site instead, have a look round and vote from 1 to 5, 1 being rubbish and 5 being brilliant.

Have a good weekend!

101 Best Websites voting completed

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

You, or anyone else for that matter, can now vote on +101!

It’s AJAX so the page doesn’t need to reload and when the votes go up to a decent amount we’ll sort each page in ranking order so you can see the most relevant, inspiring sites you wish.

With tags, categories, topics and search facilities you can find the sites that are relevant to you and get the ideas you need.  Additionally, you can promote your site and get extra traffic when people are browsing.

Use your site link to create interest and get extra votes, see if you can get yourself to the top of the list for your list of 101 Best Websites!

Get a free SEO report!

Monday, August 11th, 2008

After you’ve submitted your site to 101 Best Websites, you’ll be able to check how good its Search Engine Optimization is!

Click here to see an example

This is constantly updated, so if you do find problems with your site, you can change it and recheck.  We’ll be adding more SEO features as time goes by, so keep checking back.

In the last few days we’ve also added tag viewing:

Click here to see sites tagged with “blog”

And put the basic search function in which you can use from any part of the site.

Hope you’re enjoying the site, any comments or feedback greatly apprecated, either contact us or leave some comments on our blog articles.

We’ll be working on the voting solution over the coming weeks and we’ll be able to launch the site out of beta!

Pagination complete

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

Since our weekend of hard work we’ve got a long list of improvements to make with the site now live which we are slowly filtering through.

The first of which is getting the pagination sorted so you can browse through the 101 best websites for each category and topic.

The pagination is now complete and we’ll be putting in more and more improvements as time goes by, the next will be using tags to create lists of 101 for each one and of course the all important voting system, which is about half complete!

Take a look through our growing libraries of sites; we’ve already had a great response and lots of people are submitting their sites into the system, why don’t you do the same and get a jump on everyone else before we start getting lots more submissions!

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