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Bees seem to like it…

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

Continually viewing and moderating as many new websites as I do every day you start to see trends in design quite quickly – if not a lot earlier than most people. We all remember the “web 2.0” trend of 2006/2007 and not so long ago there was a definite move towards white, clean with big bold fonts… Now, things seem to have moved to yellow!

Always considered a very difficult colour to display on a monitor it seems that designers out there are geting bored with the blues and greys and want to experiment and try something new. And it certainly makes a site stand out!

I’m not sure about full screen yellow though, that’s still a strain on the eyes but sometimes it works…

Over the last few days we’ve had more yellow submissions than I can remember ever having, I’m trying to separate them out a bit when I authorise them but it’s proving hard – so…. what do you think? Is yellow a viable web colour? Is it still too tricky to get right?

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