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James Buchanan Pub and Restaurant

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In 1796, James Buchanan Sr. purchased a large lot in Mercersburg, and built a two-story brick house to serve both as a home and a place of business.

The senior Buchanan moved his family into this location in 1797. After an early childhood life at "Stony Batter," life in Mercersburg proved much more genteel and orderly. The community had only several dozen houses and was entirely Scottish.

Buchanan's father opened a store, in what is now the Pub, and introduced young James to the problem of keeping things accounted for and in their proper places. By the time James was 10 years of age, his father was one of Mercersburg's leading businessmen.

The senior Buchanan's philosophy of life "The more you know of mankind, the more you will distrust them," gave him the reputation of being a very "hard businessman" in the small community.

When Buchanan was sixteen he left Mercersburg to attend Dickinson College. The Buchanan home in Mercersburg later became " Hotel Mercer."

The hotel at a later date was sold to J.O. Carson, and became the possession of the McAfee Bros. after their hotel burned. The Brothers refitted the two-story building and added an additional story for the hotel needs. After a few years the hotel was sold to C.W. McLaughlin.

During the McLaughlin years of ownership the present Pub area was fondly known as "The McLaughlin Drug Store" or "Jacks" Drug Store as all the locals knew it. The present owners purchased it in 1988 and the pub was established in June of 1993.

The Hotel is open to serve overnight guests and the Pub is open five evenings weekly to accommodate the guest.

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