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Follow the White Rabbit by lidu

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lidu presents the Interactive Story - Follow the White RabbitExcited and little bit tired of reading Alice's Adventures Under Ground at an antiquarian bookseller for few hours, lidu decided to take a rest in the bagel restaurant around the corner. Finally finding a seat, it took lidu just one minute to fall into dreams...As in the Lewis Carroll's icon book, follow the White Rabbit and it will take you to an adventure through a magic and interactive universe.Through chapters you will discover a treasure hunt in this world where everything is created by bagel dough. You are going to discover objects or characters, who will open you secret interludes and will give you the keys to the following stages.Many surprises wait for you if you finish each interlude.This interactive story by lidu is available at the White Rabbit by lidu was part of the prestigious exhibition Designblok'09 in Prague.The interactive story Follow the White Rabbit was created with love, passion and sleepless nights by lidu. All the elements of chapters were preciously illustrated and animated by lidu.The interludes were delicately dreamed and developed by lidu.Sounds were interpreted by the animals from the field nearby. The story which offers various levels of interpretation was written by lidu.© lidu, Sylvain Favardin and Ludmila Korenarova, 2009 (watch the interactive videos)

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