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JuHe LanZhou NewMedia Studio

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Long Description of Your Website (Optional): Poly River in Lanzhou new media studio, is the first company to focus on web design, Lanzhou effectiveness and experience, the first design concept of culture as a local high-end web design agency, was established in August 1, 2009. "Poly River in Lanzhou," for justice for the convergence of Lanzhou local culture and philosophy, focused on network shows. Lanzhou for the country's geometric center, is the only one of the Yellow River traverses the city, but after the capital city, the Yellow River upbringing of our city carries us, and we moved and proud of the! "Do not block the door miracle" is our faith! "Do not seek large and scope of business, single-minded Zhizuo were effective website design and getting better" and "user-aware culture, into web design, to create e new values," "Without a good design, we do not Next task "is our values. We also always look forward to discovering outstanding customers, for each other to create some unforgettable memories and wonderful! Hope that through our service, strong more friends, and we gather River in Lanzhou promise: If the process of talking with customers in the particularly speculative, can impact a spark, we will design your site for free services because nobody wants to the miracle of blocking the door! We have the most professional with the art of photography Lanzhou Pavilion "barn Contemporary Image Gallery" to carry out deep strategic cooperation to jointly promote the development of cultural industries in Lanzhou. Studio background of members did not brilliant, but we firmly believe that there are ideas, there will be a miracle, a miracle Do not block the door!

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