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If you can type, you can sell.

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What --- If you can type, you can sell-- merchee makes it easy for non-developers to accept credit cards and charge for recurring subscriptions. Why --- We want to empower everyone to be an entrepreneur. With todays technologies it's increasingly easier to develop new software, apps and products. Businesses are introducing solutions to meet the needs of markets faster then ever before. Unfortunately banks, payment processors and gateways haven't innovated to meet the needs of today's Entrepreneurs and businesses. Applying for a merchant account to accept credit cards is a very time consuming, complicated process with convoluted pricing schemes. Payments gateways have legacy architecture that requires integrations by skilled developers and additional sophisticated 3rd party software for subscription management. Custom programming is needed to allow consumers to search, revise or cancel their subscriptions. Businesses are left on their own to interpret if they meet PCI compliance requirements and data protection standards. With our merchee platform, we handle all this for you. merchee makes it easy- if you can type, you can accept credit cards and charge for products, services and recurring subscriptions. So now everyone can start and grow their business, everywhere - online, social and mobile. How --- Signing up takes 30 seconds, you don't need a merchant account or gateway and there's no programming or integrations.  It's easy: 1. Create a buy now link  2. Share your link on all your social networks- twitter, facebook, etc with just a couple clicks or paste your link in your website, button or blog. 3. Get paid directly to your bank account. Why are you unique? --- merchee makes it fast and painless for anyone to accept credit cards. We have a proven team of veterans of startup in the payments and tech spaces. Our unique features include: -…

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