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U by Kotex

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U by Kotex is the largest consumer package goods (CPG) launch of the year and is being driven largely through digital channels. In this campaign, KC decided that it was time to replace the misguided marketing methods and messages aimed at teen girls and young women so it embedded itself within customers’ online conversations to learn more about the problems teen girls and women have with feminine hygiene products and marketing.

The U by Kotex web site is the focal point to the campaign and includes the following innovative sections that help promote unity within the target audience as well as motivate them to take action:

  • Get Real – This section will shine the light on what is currently wrong in the feminine care market and motivates visitors to discuss these important issues. Also provides viewers with the ability to watch, share, create and upload video stories.
  • Real Answers – This section provides answers to real questions from teen girls and young women on feminine hygiene from three perspectives – a Mom, a doctor and a peer. Answers will be available both on the site and throughout the social sphere.
  • Viral Videos – There will be humorous viral videos that are hosted on the site that can be easily shared on social media platforms. In one series, a woman asks people to buy tampons for her at a store and is answered with blank stares and hurried, “No!”’s . Another showcases women’s low level of knowledge when it comes to feminine care when a hidden camera follows a “boyfriend” who is trying to make a knowledgeable decision about what tampons he has to buy his girlfriend.  

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