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Top 5 Social Media Sites in India

What are the best social media sites in India

The internet is filled with many social media sites. These sites give us the opportunity to connect with our friends, relatives and even new people. We can share our thoughts, our feelings and emotions. Besides this, these sites can also be used to make money.


Snapfish is a web-based photo sharing service that enables its members to upload, share, and print photos. Its services are available in 23 countries. The company provides a variety of products and services, such as high-quality canvases, prints, calendars, phone cases, and photo books.

Snapfish focuses on creating quality photo gifts. These include canvases, mugs, phone cases, magnets, and puzzles. Additionally, users can make a variety of items for resale.

One of the biggest advantages of using Snapfish is that it is extremely easy to use. Whether you’re a professional photographer or just a casual user, you’ll find that the tools and services are straightforward and accessible.


Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media networks. Founded in 2009, it has grown to a total of 35 million active users in April 2012. The platform focuses on photo sharing and also supports video. It is integrated with Facebook and Twitter.

As of June 2018, Instagram had a total of 1.074 billion monthly active users. Users share 95 million photos on the site daily. In addition to photos and videos, users can also add filters and effects to their images before uploading.


This photo sharing social network has become ubiquitous among young adults and teenagers alike. Despite its slow growth in the US and Europe, Snapchat still boasts millions of active users. The company has rolled out its latest features including live video chat, 24-hour Statuses, and a shoppable pin. If you are looking for an easy way to stay connected with friends and family, look no further than Snapchat.

While the company hasn’t quite cracked the US market, they have a presence in many other countries including Australia, Brazil, and Japan. Its latest feature, dubbed Shoppable Pins, lets you purchase virtual baubles right in your feed.


ShareChat is a language-first social platform that lets users communicate in their native languages. The platform has more than 100 million users, who spend an average of 31 minutes on the platform daily.

Its cloud-based technology stack is designed to handle content requests as close to the user as possible. Users can exchange movies and status videos, and it has an audio-based live conversation-led social networking feature.

Among its other features are a self-serve advertising platform that allows advertisers to buy personalized, multilingual ads.


Grazia is an Italian fashion and beauty magazine with a worldwide readership. It is a popular reference point for the latest trends and a leading advertising vehicle for upscale fashion companies, cosmetics manufacturers and other brands. Grazia has been published in Italy since 1938 and now it has editions in five continents, including India, the US, the UK, Germany, France, Russia, Japan, China and Hong Kong.

Grazia is published by Mondadori Group, which also has a number of other titles. For example, it publishes TuStyle, an Italian shopping and fashion magazine. In addition, Mondadori Group acquired Random House, one of the most influential publishing houses in the world.


Chingari is one of the most popular and influential social media apps in India. It offers a user-friendly UI, which allows users to post videos and share them easily with their friends. In addition, it has been launched in multiple languages, including Hindi and English.

Chingari is an Indian-developed platform that has become the country’s largest short-video sharing app. Users can create and share videos in the form of music and lip-sync songs, comedy skits, movie dialogues, voiceover movie scenes, and more.


Helo is a regional social media platform that connects people across India and other countries. It offers content in 14 Indian languages. This means that Helo has a huge potential to reach a much wider user base. In addition to enabling users to share content in their own language, Helo gives them a chance to interact with celebrities and others in their local communities.

A recent study by Google estimates that by 2021, local language internet users in India will be more popular than English content users. The rise in regional content consumption is expected to be driven by affordable data.


Houseparty is a popular social networking app in India. It is a cross-platform app that allows users to connect with other users through video chats and games.

Users can send video messages and stickers. They can also ghost friends who don’t want to receive notifications. You can also add eight people to a conversation at a time, enabling you to join a conversation without having to request an invitation.

While a number of popular apps such as Snapchat and WhatsApp are geared towards the millennial generation, Houseparty is a more casual social network. It is ideal for people who want to hang out with their friends.